Night Shift Hilarity

Yes I know it’s sunny.
And I know the weather’s bright.
But I am tucked up in my bed.
Been working through the night.

Me bladder is over zealous.
It wakes me every hour.
Who’d a thunk me kidneys
Have so much flipping power.

The dogs both whine for walkies.
They think that I should wake.
They claw me door with happy paw.
They think my sleep is fake.

Me skin is palest yellow. Me eye bags darkest blue.
Me feet are fucking freezing.
On my 4th visit to the loo.

My dreams are stuff of legend.
I see a vat of tea.
And there I go again you know.
Eight gallons worth of pee.

Eventually I manage.
To drift off all sublime.
But then I hear that damned alarm.
Get out of bed. It’s time.

Biff off into the shower.
Struggle to the car.
Drive into work all through the dark.
Feeling under par.

Bright lights at work that greet me.
Coffee at least times two.
Straight into sorting patients.
I haven’t got a clue.

Feeling flaming mighty.
Around the witching hour.
But when it gets to 4 a.m.
It’s all gone rather sour.

Two minutes of bright daylight.
And off home I must go.
Through the rush hour traffic.
Which goes so bloody slow.

All you night time sleepers.
The work does not desist.
So break out all the sherry.
It’s time to get right pissed.

We keep the world still turning.
We keep you safe all night.
So before you leave this morning.
Turn out the sodding light.

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